About The Nitrogen Cycle

The nitrogen cycle is the biogeochemical cycle by which nitrogen is converted into various chemical forms as it circulates among the atmosphere and terrestrial and marine ecosystems. The conversion of nitrogen can be carried out through both biological and physical processes. Important processes in the nitrogen cycle include fixation, ammonification,nitrification, and denitrification.

For Teachers

Key Concepts

The nitrogen cycle is a way to describe how nitrogen atoms move through various forms including soil, the atmosphere, plants and animals. Actions such as lightening, bacteria digestion, plant assimilation, plant death, animal death, herbivorism and nitrogen fixing plant bacteria move nitrogen from one form to another.

Topics Addressed

  • The Nitrogen Cycle
  • Bacteria Digestion
  • Plant Assimilation
  • Plant Death
  • Animal Death
  • Herbivorism
  • Nitrogen Fixing Plant Bacteria

Standards Covered

  • MS-ESS2-1
  • MS-ESS3-1
  • ESS2.A


The Nitrogen Cycle Game will support exploration of the following concepts:

  • Understand that the nitrogen cycle includes different pools or reservoirs.
  • Understand that nitrogen moves between different pools or reservoirs.
  • Understand that time is also a variable in the nitrogen cycle.
  • Understand the events or processes that lead to nitrogen moving between different pools or reservoirs.
  • Understand that human behavior impacts the nitrogen cycle.